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deaf alarm clock

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Many people wonder how deaf people are able to wake up if they can’t hear an alarm. However, with the advent of new technology for the deaf, waking up is no longer a problem for deaf people.

A deaf alarm clock is an alarm clock that is usually hooked up to a louder alarm, a strobe light, or a vibrator.

An alarm clock with a louder alarm will wake up a person with minimal hearing loss. When the alarm clock goes off, it is much louder than your average alarm clock, and most people with a small amount of hearing loss are able to hear it.

An alarm clock with a strobe light will wake up a person with more severe hearing loss. The strobe light is connected to the alarm clock. When the alarm goes off, the strobe light will flash brightly and wake the deaf person up.

An alarm clock with a bed vibrator will also wake up a person with a more severe hearing loss. The vibrator is connected to the alarm clock and is also attached to the bed. When the alarm goes off, the bed will shake and wake up the deaf person.

An alarm clock with a pillow vibrator wakes up a severely deaf person as well. The vibrator is connected to the alarm clock and is placed under the deaf person’s pillow. When the alarm goes off, the pillow will shake and wake the deaf person up.

It is truly amazing what people will come up with and invent to help others. I think these are some of my favorite inventions–so many options for something as simple as waking up in the morning.

Other products that have been recently released include products like the FitBit which is a fitness tracker you wear on your wrist. The device will vibrate in the morning at a time you set to wake you up.

You can find some of these products below:

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6 replies
  1. Tamara Bainbridge
    Tamara Bainbridge says:

    I’d like a bed vibration since I’m deaf I don’t want light vibration only bed vibration please thank you

  2. S. B. Powmacwizalord
    S. B. Powmacwizalord says:

    This is Stormaliza Beautispella Powmacwizalord, deaf to wheelchair bound to looking for a deaf clock with lights to help me wake up. Doctors try everything too heading aids then implant to back deaf again. Living life the best way me can. But not a high price to not have income right to need low cost clock to works the best with lights.

  3. Megan
    Megan says:

    The FitBit Charge is another great option! It’s wearable and vibrates on the wrist when the alarm time is reached until the user presses the button to turn off the alarm!!


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