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Looking for Start ASL events or public events to attend with the Deaf community or those learning ASL in your area? Or are you looking for others to attend your event? Then this is the place to be!

Here you will find all of the public and private Start ASL events and practice sessions we offer as well as other public Deaf events we find.

For public Deaf events not affiliated with Start ASL, we try our best to find accurate events for you to attend and include them on our calendar. Some events are free, while other events require tickets or an entrance fee. We are not responsible for cancelled events. Contact information is provided as available for each event.

Start ASL Online Course Practice Sessions and Events

As a Start ASL Online Course student, you have access to all of our ASL practice events that are offered exclusively for our students:

For current students: All Private Start ASL Online Course Sessions and Events

Information pages for each session/event we offer:

Other Deaf Event Resources

  • Social ASL – Our brand new social site for signers to “connect through sign” and find love, find friends, or find both!
  • Deaf Chat Coffee Listings – A great listing for Deaf events over coffee.
  • OhSoEZ Deaf Events – Another site where you may be able to find an event near you.

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84 replies
  1. Avana Beeksma
    Avana Beeksma says:

    Is there anyone in Northern Wisconsin who would be interested in meeting up to sign? I just started signing a few weeks ago, and I would like to sign with a real person rather than just a video.

  2. Dennis Voris
    Dennis Voris says:

    Deaf Coffee Chat Mont Belvieu
    Mont Belvieu, Texas
    9209 Eagle Dr Ste 100
    Mont Belvieu Texas
    FACEBOOK Deaf Coffee Chat Mont Belvieu

  3. Charissa Trussler
    Charissa Trussler says:

    I need to have a conversation with someone who is deaf to pass my ASL course. It has to be about 30 mins.
    Is anyone interested.

  4. Cayd
    Cayd says:

    I am looking for someone to practice with over video chat. I took ASL I and II, but haven’t been signing much for about a year and half and I want to get back into it. You can be at any level.
    Thank you!

  5. Terrence Mitchell
    Terrence Mitchell says:

    Looking for someone practice sign with via zoom, also any know deaf events in Northern California in the San Francisco or Sacramento area

  6. SarahH
    SarahH says:

    Hey! I currently live in BC, Canada (Pacific standard time) I am brand new learning ASL and I’d love to practice in person with someone either new like me or more experienced. I can video chat or meet in person if you’re anywhere near Vancouver or on the island. Super excited to meet you!

    • Chrisse
      Chrisse says:

      Hey! I’m available by zoom if you’re willing to practice. I start in Michigan and have recently been learning to better communicate. One of our students is deaf blind and she’s become a great friend.

    • Kayla Spangler
      Kayla Spangler says:

      Hi! I’m available to video chat so we can both practice. I live in Oregon and I’m trying my best to relearn sign language.

        • Alfred S. Gomes (Pacific time)
          Alfred S. Gomes (Pacific time) says:

          I am just beginning tg learn ASL. I am retired. Need a practice partner. Taken 1 ASL class. Preparing for possible future hearing loss. Started using hearing aids about 3 years ago. If you are interested, e-mail me and we can use a meetup or Zoom service.

    • Jacara Fuller
      Jacara Fuller says:

      Hi. How are you? My names Jacara. I have a niece who is not deaf but who aspires to be an asl interpreter some day. I’m scouring the net trying to find resources. We are in Georgia. She knows a little and has forgotten some from home school classes and is trying to reteach herself. I believe she has taken 1 and 2 in HS. Any way I came across your post
      Would you be interested to communicate with her? I can be reached at

  7. Travis S
    Travis S says:

    I’m looking for someone to sign with on zoom. Preferably someone whose taken at least asl 3. I’m available on weeknights and weekends if I plan.

  8. Shelby Pickelny
    Shelby Pickelny says:


    Please come join us at the 2022 SheNYC Arts Festival! On August 3rd at 7:30pm and August 5th at 8:30pm (EST), we are proud to offer TWO LIVE performances with ASL INTERPRETATION at The Connelly Theatre in the East Village. A DISCOUNT on tickets, for our friends in the Deaf Community, is: NYCFRIENDS. Please find information on the shows below.

    link to website/tickets:

    THE WAITING, a new musical
    Aug. 3, 2022 @ 7:30pm
    by EmmaLee Kidwell and Maria Isabella Andreoli
    Synopsis: The Waiting is a folk musical that centers around widowed mother Chlo Evans shortly after the disappearance of her young daughter, Willow. As Chlo searches for her daughter, she discovers a parallel universe, The InBetween, where lost souls wait to pass through to the afterlife. Here Chlo learns that people she’s lost in life are not as far gone as they may seem. As Chlo’s understanding of her reality bends, will she be able to go beyond the pain of her loss, or will her soul stay trapped by the padlock of grief?

    Aug. 5, 2022 @ 8:30pm
    by Margaret Rose Caterisano
    Synopsis: Wattle and her daughter, Sarah, live on the rural Highway 29 just outside the small college town of Troy in Alabama. Wattle is awakened in the wee hours of the morning by a naked man, Thomas, stumbling around in her back yard. She clothes and feeds the stranger, and gives him a place to spend the night. She, Sarah, and Thomas discuss the pros and cons of leaping to assumptions and jumping into relationships until Thomas decides it is time to leave — but it won’t be that easy. Sheepwell is a very dark comedy about the importance of first impressions and false assumptions.

    About SheNYC…
    The SheNYC Arts Festival is a theater non-profit that provides women and non-binary writers, composers, and directors with resources to jump-start their careers in the entertainment industry.

    Please reach out with any questions at the email provided. We hope to see you there!

  9. Mindy Elme
    Mindy Elme says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a partner to practice ASL in the afternoon time. My time zone is Eastern (US). Also, are there any events available in central Florida area?

    • Sheila Jenkinson
      Sheila Jenkinson says:

      Hi, Mindy! Did you see Sean’s reply on my post requesting a practice partner? They are also in the Eastern Time Zone. Otherwise, I’m in Central, but would be happy to partner up. I’m sure we could figure out a schedule. We’re just one hour off for time. ;)

      • Dana Martin
        Dana Martin says:

        Hi Sheila, My name is Dana! :-)
        I tried to send a reply to your “Partner request” a few minutes ago, but I don’t think it went through.

        I didn’t know if you and Mindy connected. But I am a BEGINNER in ASL and would be interested in partnering up if you’re still interested. I live in the Central Time Zone. I am also willing to join a group if you and Mindy are connected and my schedule aligns.

        Let me know.

  10. Sheila Jenkinson
    Sheila Jenkinson says:

    If any of you are in the Northeast Nebraska area, I will be starting a monthly social in the fall. Please respond here if you are interested. It will be at a coffee shop. The location is subject to where the participants are from. Thanks!

    • Derek Preister
      Derek Preister says:

      Sorry, that I came across your post not till August. I still want to reach out to you though because you said you were in Nebraska. I am in the Southeast part of Nebraska. So, let me know if you have put together your monthly dates and times already for this upcoming fall.

      • Mallory Smith
        Mallory Smith says:

        I currently live in Sioux City, Iowa- in the middle of Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. I would love to meet up and connect with the deaf community here.

  11. Sheila Jenkinson
    Sheila Jenkinson says:

    I am looking for a practice partner in the Central (USA) time zone. I have a fairly flexible schedule at this time. Thank you!!

    • AC
      AC says:

      Hi Aicha,

      Have you found anyone to practice with yet? If not, were you thinking of practicing with someone on Zoom? What ASL level are you? What timezone are you in?

  12. Lillian Irwin
    Lillian Irwin says:

    The Hanover Theatre is pleased to offer ASL interpretation sponsored by FLEXcon at a select number of performances. ASL interpretation allows deaf and hearing impaired patrons to experience the joys of live theater through the use of ASL interpreters throughout the show. For the 2021-2022 season, we will offer ASL services for the following productions. All designated performances are the Sunday performances at 6:30pm.

    The Prom, May 1, 2022 at 6:30pm
    The Band’s Visit, June 19, 2022 at 6:30pm

    For more information regarding ASL interpretation, contact The Hanover Theatre ticketing office at 877.571.SHOW (7469).

  13. East Peterson-Trujillo
    East Peterson-Trujillo says:

    Sharing an EVENT with ASL Interpretation:

    Toxic Money: Wall Street’s Evil Twin

    The private equity industry has pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into fossil fuel companies with little scrutiny. As financial institutions and other Wall Street actors face growing pressure to cut emissions, many are selling fossil fuel assets—and private equity firms have repeatedly stepped up as buyers. The public needs private equity firms to provide full transparency on their fossil fuel holdings, to understand their true impact.

    Join Stop the Money Pipeline and Private Equity Stakeholder project to learn:
    ❓Why should you care about private equity❓
    ❓What are the community and human impacts of this industry❓
    ❓How can we fight back❓

  14. Stephanie Spinner
    Stephanie Spinner says:


    I am looking for events in southern California. Or maybe someone who is willing to connect online to practice and communicate together.

  15. Frank
    Frank says:

    Hello everyone. Im looking for deaf/HoH and hearing meet ups in the Bay Area. Anyone know where and location? Please email me I need to get out more often and fresh my mind. Thank you! 😊

    • Alfred S Gomes
      Alfred S Gomes says:

      Frank: would you be interested in zoom meet? I live in Concord, Calif. Curious, why are you learning ASL? I am learning because I just want to and I am starting to loose some hearing. Preparing for possible outcomes. I am a retiree with flex time. I have taken one ASL class. Learned some basics. I am aware, “use it or loose it in terms of a skill”.

  16. Howard Wood
    Howard Wood says:

    Hi, my name is Howard Wood. I live in Biloxi Ms. I am needing to get with someone to sign with for three 30 minute sessions. I am going deaf and want to get ahead of it.

  17. Lan Le
    Lan Le says:

    I am Lan. I just started my ASL sign language few days ago and still disoriented. I need to connect to friends to practice and to go over what I have to catch up on my lessons. Thanks!

  18. Chua Siew Fah Dunstan
    Chua Siew Fah Dunstan says:

    Hello everyone….I have a little difficulties with my Assignment Deaf Event #1. I need someone to guide me. I can share 30 minute video with a recent event in join here in Brunei and also chatting with a deaf local here in Brunei also virtual deaf even here all in Brunei. The deaf community does not learn ASL but it is a sign mix with English and Malay. I wonder is it alright for the requirement? Please advise.

    Thank you

  19. Victoria killinger
    Victoria killinger says:

    Hi I’m just looking for someone to help me with my sign language and communicate with a deaf individual to better my sign language. And I’m wondering if there are any deaf events coming up around the Washington area thanks!

  20. Allison Chow
    Allison Chow says:

    Come connect, be curious and inspired with Deaf artists A.J Brown! She is going to guide us on an intimate tour of some pieces of personal art. There will be an ASL interpreter present and we will get a chance to chat about what we see in the pieces, how they make us feel and how A.J Brown composed the works!

    More about A.J:

    “I first created my artwork in 1999, with art therapy. This was to help me overcome personal fears.

    One of these fears was a dream that haunted me since my childhood: I’m at the bottom of a well, looking up. I see the Sesame Street puppets, with their mouths opening and closing. Because I’m deaf, I cannot understand what they say, if anything. I feel helpless and isolated.

    This art therapy guided me to take certificates from Emily Carr University. The art therapy helped start me on a new path. I’m still a work in progress. Through my twisted path to here, I’ve learned I have, within me, a unique healing energy that is transmitted when I touch things and people with both hands, and even spending time together with me. It’s why peopl leel good when they are with me. It comes from the Pleiades star system. This is a new healing energy to planet Earth. It is based on Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga.

    This means my artworks are imbued with my unique healing energy. When someone views my artwork, something in them will shift toward the positive.

    This new healing energy raised me from feeling helpless and isolated to feeling calmness and joy”.

  21. Ksenia
    Ksenia says:

    I live in Southern Ontario and would prefer virtual events but all of them are in other regions, mostly Philly. Would that affect the fact that I can or can’t join? Or would I still be able to join the event anyways?

  22. Barb
    Barb says:

    I am looking for opportunities to attend deaf events in Ontario, Canada. I am willing to travel to an event anywhere in southern Ontario.

  23. theresa morton
    theresa morton says:

    I am looking for a partner to practice with let me know I am available after 2 every day to practice with. Theresa Morton

  24. theresa morton
    theresa morton says:

    I wanted to know if there is any practice or and deaf events after 2 I work Monday thru Friday I am home by 2. Thanks Theresa Morton

  25. Justin
    Justin says:

    Hello, I’m looking to join the deaf event for adults on Friday the 13th 10Am-11am. When i click on the event I am unable to locate an area to register. How would i go about getting on the list for that event?

  26. Jenae F
    Jenae F says:

    I wanted to share another event that is ASL accessible. Every Sunday 9 – 10:15am Rock Hill Community Church, Duluth MN has a live-streamed worship service with an ASL interpreter. Everyone is welcome to attend.


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