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[Image Description: Starbucks showing baristas signing American Sign Language. Photo Credit: ABC News]

Deaf-owned businesses and American Sign Language (ASL) are spreading and becoming widely popular. There are many Deaf-owned business all over the country. Here are some Deaf business that you maybe probably heard of, but if not, you should definitely check them out!


By Mara – An iconic ILU designs on soft t-shirts, magnets, and stickers

Erry B. – Black Deaf-owned shop with apparel promoting positivity, social justice and equality

Girl and Creativity – Check out their tees, crews, and stickers

Language Priority – Check out their shop for ASL shirts, socks, and stickers to celebrate every occasion

Shop Daxa – Graphic tees and sweatshirts you need to make a statement

Sisters in Style – Everything from dresses and loungewear to accessories, and more

Tansey Limited – Fashion apparel



Creative Soul – Earrings

Deafinite Designs – Hand stamped jewelry and gifts

Earthworm Earrings – Earrings

Gorgeous Jupiter – Lava beads and preservation flower jewelry

Infinity Lantern Jewelry – Handmade earrings, necklaces, and more.

JillyBean Creates – Hand beaded earrings.

Nathalina Studio – Jewelry and home décor

RoseBYANDER Jewelry – ILY necklaces and charms


Health & Wellness

The Deaf Flower – Organic Syrups

Deafhood Yoga – Yoga classes

Deaf Soul Yoga – Virtual yoga classes

JeZoe for Happy Skin – Soaps and skincare items

Lilli Erin Yoga – Virtual yoga classes



Amelia K Hamilton – Austin local

Clare Cassidy Photography – Photographer

Jolaventures – Photography and Videography

Kelly Grace Photos – Pet Photoshoots

Cat Cassidy Photography – Self-proclaimed storyteller

Tate Tullier – Photography

Ultimux – Photography, interior designer, and cartoon designer


Art & Decor

58 Creativity – Graphic artist uses ASL to tell a story in their artwork

Alpine Florals – Pressed mountain flowers

Ash Marie Sha – Mixed-media artwork designs

Ask Amber – Home decor and customize masterpieces

Boriketien – Stickers

CraftsbyGio – Order luxury, customer-design tumbler cups, confetti, foil envelopes

Cynthia’s Creations and More – handcrafted gifts from ornaments to tea towels

Haha What – Black and white drawings and stickers

Isabel Lainez – Sign incorporated into bold portraits

Kali Doubledee – Mixed media paintings

Kiss Fist Stitch – Cross stitch art and personalized gifts

Ladder of Love – Rustic art made from reclaimed wood

Macramed – One-stop-shop for everything macrame

Raine Collective – Wide variety of homemade gifts and accessories

Selennn Art – Commissioned art on canvas or digital mediums

Viva Jess – Unique gifts wall art, stationery, and accessories

Woodstove Studios – Pyrography and mixed media



Bus Door Films – Know someone who’s been sitting on that screenplay just a little too long? Or someone who can’t get enough of deaf-created content? Send them over to Bus Door Films to get their fix

Day to Rejoice Weddings & Events – Need support with making your event extra special? Check out Day to Rejoice, a Black Deaf-owned event design business

Inka’s Screen Printing– Customer designs on different gifts and items

Mystic Starz – Get a reading from Mystic Starz Astrology and see what the future has in store

DeafBoss – “Vision at DeafBoss is to ‘create more millionaires in the Deaf community than anyone or any group in history'”

DeafFriendly – Website to find Deaf-friendly businesses

Communication Services for the Deaf – Provide services for the Deaf & hard of hearing community and businesses



DailyMoth – News is conveyed in ASL about political & Deaf news happening in the world

Deaf Newspaper LLC – News is conveyed in ASL about political & Deaf news happening in the world


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  1. Lisa has been deaf since a childhood bout of German measles; she created and has owned Denham’s Natural Skin Care Company and has been running it for over 20 years, supplying mom-and-pop outfits to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Her products, under various brands, are being sold on every platform and in every state within the U.S.

    Disability, no matter what, is just another hurdle in life to overcome. Form a life to your reality and never allow others to dictate what you can and cannot do. A person can succeed with hard work. You can do it.

  2. I would like to support my local deft businesses. You do not show where these businesses are located. Could you ad at least the state; “Sam’s Creations – OR”

  3. You forgot to add Sign1News. There are restaurants like one in Austin. There are also many deaf social media groups in health, crafts, tax business, and clothing.

  4. Hi! I hope your holiday treat you well! I am wondering Can you add my book to your website to support Deaf author as a business. Thank you! 😊

    My book is From Rejection to Love

  5. Hello, I was wondering how to get my business on this website as deaf owned business. I own a culinary company called Justin Ray Culinary. I do small events and gatherings at people home and will expand to meal prep. Future goals is to have a food truck then a restaurant and hopefully have several concepts.

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