Geronimo Cardano Wow!

March 8, 2013
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by Mieko

(New Albany, IN)

I have to say that Geronimo Cardano is my favorite person from Deaf History at this point. The reason I chose him is because from Aristotle, one of the greats, all the way to his time, no one had taken a stand to step outside the “box”.

To me that makes him so admirable. Going against everything around him and finding that knowledge inside that led him to understand beyond the “norm”, how amazing! Then to take it to the next level and show the world by teaching his own son. Apparently his son had been blessed with deafness in order for him to end up on that journey. Not to mention the innovation it must have taken to figure out how to go about something that no one else had even considered up until that point. I can only imagine the trials and errors, the adjusting and readjusting of methods, not to mention the time it must have taken.

As a homeschool mom of a special needs child, I also know how frustrating it can be teaching your own child at times. I imagine Geronimo probably had very little support in that teaching process, as the popular belief was the Deaf could not learn or be taught. What a ridiculous notion. This guy is really a good example of how we can all learn that, no matter what society says can and cannot be done that it is up to us as parents to take it into our own hands and do what is best for our own children and not allow society to dictate our children’s realities and capabilities.


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