Geronimo Cardano

September 23, 2015
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by Anonymous

Geronimo Cardano is my favorite person in this article, because although he did not think of using sign, he still believed that deaf people could learn, and that there were methods of learning without being able to hear. I think he was the first step in recognizing that being deaf was not necessarily a disability, and it’s sweet how he taught his son and didn’t give up on him. I always thought being deaf was a disability until I started watching Switched At Birth and my friend and I decided to take this course. Lots of people copied Geronimo’s methods and that probably helped a lot of deaf people back then who didn’t have sign or any ways of communication. It makes me wonder what life would be like for deaf people nowadays if society had stuck to his methods instead of creating sign. It would probably be very hard for many people and without sign, a language of their own, Deaf people would not have their own culture, and would still be thought of as having a disability. But when people copied his methods, they changed them slowly to what we now call sign language, from Juan Pablo de Bonet’s signed alphabet, to organized education for deaf people. He may not have invented sign, but he was the root of the idea that deaf people were people, that they were smart, and could learn. That is why Geronimo Cardano is my favorite person in this article.


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