Great People of the Deaf Community

March 8, 2013
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by Lexi

(Las Vegas)

There are so many inspirations in this world, but deaf people inspire me the most. I see deaf people as equals, but much more courageous. The things they overcome just amazes me.

Helen Keller surprises me. I can’t imagine being neither deaf nor blind and she was both. And graduating college! She was an amazing woman and she is such an inspiration. Seeing people overcome these challenges, makes me want to overcome mine. After reading this, I feel like I could do much more than I do now. Challenge myself to do more difficult things, just as Helen did. She couldn’t have been anymore courageous.

Another person that is my favorite is William “Dummy” Hoy. My dad is a huge baseball fan and I can imagine him and a lot of his baseball friends have no idea who this is. Baseball is a tough sport, just like any other, and this man truly amazes me for being such a big part of it. He changed the sport.

It makes me a little frustrated that Alexander Graham Bell would do the things he did. He didn’t have a right to change the way that the deaf community communicates. It disgusts me that many hearing people didn’t have the respect that they should have for deaf people. It’s just awful.

Learning sign language is one of the best things I think I could do. I’m so happy that I am doing it, and after this article, I will be more and more motivated to work my best.


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