How to sign different social media networks in American Sign Language (ASL)

social media in ASL

Social Media has been growing and changing in the last couple of years! It’s now a big part of many people’s lives. When having a conversation with another person, someone probably will ask you, “Can I add you on Facebook?” “What’s your Instagram?” or “Check it out on Twitter!”

Social Media networks are now new additional words that you should know in American Sign Langauge (ASL) as a beginner! We’ve shared a video to learn some top popular social media platforms nowadays: learn how to sign Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, and Snapchat in ASL.

Did you know? You can slow this video down by clicking the settings on the bottom right corner of the video – click playback speed – then adjust the speed.

If you look closely, some of these signs are abbreviated, such as fingerspelling F-B for Facebook. It’s important that you’ve learned the American Sign Language Alphabet. Some signs represent the logo, such as Reddit. Like many other ASL signs, there may be more ways to sign these social media platforms.

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