I Am At A Loss…

March 8, 2013
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by Dorrie


Well, I have read the Deaf History part, as suggested, before writing this. I have even read a few of the other posts to see who people have picked. I am still at a loss.

I know that I should read more on all of the historical figures, and I will. But, I really don’t think that I can pick a favorite. I think they have all had their place and time. Without everyone of them, deaf people and deaf culture wouldn’t be where it is and what it is today.

I feel they are all important, I tend to like the people whose contributions made a positive outcome for the deaf society, but that is just me.

Personally, I am not sure how old I was when I first discovered my love of sign language. I most likely saw something on TV. It could have been something about Helen Keller or just an interpreter on a show. But I remember thinking, “That’s amazing!”

I must have kept talking about it, because my mother bought me a book. I taught myself the alphabet from that book, alright I didn’t get every letter right, but most.

Whenever someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I always said “I want to teach Sign Language” Still not there yet. Maybe someday.

I had a dream once that I was teaching children how to communicate with their parents, I was crying in the dream because one of my kids had just told their mom and dad that they wanted a hug for the first time. That’s what I would like to do.

To me, my favorite historical figures, are the regular, everyday people. The moms and dads that have struggled to communicate and understand what their child wants and needs. That have fought to teach their child and have fought to make others treat their child as an equal.

The teachers, that have spent endless hours with the children and adults helping them talk to each other. The people that have to deal with struggling to be understood by the hearing. The people in the past and present that fight to make things better.

Thanks for reading. I’m sorry if I babbled.

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Jan 19, 2011

I can appreciate your aspirations =)

by: Kelseyll

My best friend (since Jr. High) just adopted a little girl at age 2 (she’s 3 now) from China. She is deaf, but was not born that way. Due to poor care and severe ear infections she lost her hearing but received double cochlear implant surgery. My friend is fluent in ASL and started out teaching her sign which she picked up on SO FAST! Now she continues learning to sign and is learning to speak as well. She has a very dedicated Mommy that is determined to ensure she receives all opportunities available. She has professional therapists 3 times a week, one being a deaf instructor who marvels at her progress. From no language to what she currently can communicate in 12 months is completely astounding and my friend thinks opening this world for deaf children and their families would be the ideal job too! It has sparked her interest and who knows where it will lead. All I can say is that this little girl is extremely blessed to be in the family she is in surrounded in love, commitement and understanding of her needs. She is a smart little one and I know will “pay it forward!” =) Being a teacher myself it warms my heart to see the progress she has made! I hope you will pursue your dream and make a difference in the life of another!


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