I don’t know!

by Anonymous

All of the individuals in this article are all important. Without them, sign language, and potentially the deaf society wouldn’t be the way that it is today. I only have great appreciation for the history and culture that they have provided and encouraged.

I was completely ignorant to this culture in the deaf society. I have always been interested in the language, but never pushed myself to actually learn it and pursue my goal. I must say this has intrigued me even further to continue with my education in sign language.

I believe strongly that everyone should be aware of this history. It’s just as apart of US History as The American Revolution is. Many people are as clueless as I was a few minutes ago.

I honestly am privileged to be apart of learning this, and I am grateful for this site to help me with that. Soon enough I might be able to spread the word to people that are interested in the deaf society! With technology now, anything is possible.