I lost my hearing as a child

by Taylor


When I was little, my first language was Italian, after I turned 8, I started learning English. But I also lost senses as a reabction to this medication I was taking. I lost most of my eyesight, my sense of smell, and my hearing. But after a few months my mom got worried and took me to the doctor. He took me off my meds.

Little by little I got my sight back first, at this point I could actually see some things (I wasn’t even able to clearly see my own hand held within a foot away). Next I got my smell back, but never all of it, I could now smell certain things like bleach, vanilla, cigarettes, and some other things. So I waited for the last thing to come back. Then it did one morning, I could hear my brother laughing downstairs. But I couldn’t hear very well. All of my senses are still tainted. I have to wear contacts or glasses everyday, and I have to wear a hearing aid. I never went to a deaf school because I didn’t even know English that well, so especially not ASL.

So my grandmother taught me English. And with every English word, she taught me the ASL version of it. But then she died. So I had to continue learning English from my mom, who didn’t make the effort of learning ASL. And to this day still doesn’t know a word in ASL. But because she’s in the Army I moved to my native country, in Italy where I met my best friend and my boyfriend. And they both started learning ASL for me.

Now I have conversations with my best friend everyday in ASL. And my boyfriend isn’t really a fast learner in languages but he always learns nice things to sign to me like “morning beautiful” or “I love you” things like that to brighten my day.


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