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The Truth Behind the Sign

I read something incredibly amusing today about the “I Love You” sign language sign.

I read the “article” on a page called Signs of Satan. I am honestly thinking that whoever wrote this did it just for the attention. If that’s the case, I really hate giving them the satisfaction, but I just want to make sure that everyone knows that it is not true.

Signs of Satan says, and I quote, “If you think Miss Keller’s hand sign is just a coincidence, then you are truly gullible. If you were deaf, and wanted to develop a hand sign to tell someone that you love them, what would it be? A hand over the heart would be reasonable. There is no way that any reasonable person would develop the hand sign that Keller invented, paralleling an existing hand salute to Satan. The above photo is one of Ozzy Osbourne’s Rock-n-Roll album covers. It is abundantly clear to see that Keller’s hand sign praises the Devil.”

First of all, I don’t think Helen Keller invented the I LOVE YOU sign language sign. But it wouldn’t even matter if she did. The fact that she is thought to have been an occultist has no prevalence over what I’m about to show you.

If you are at all familiar with the alphabet in sign language, then you should know what I’m about to say…

Yes, there is a way that a reasonable person would develop this hand sign. I’ll put it simply for you:

i love you sign language
<b>I<b> <b>L<b>ove <b>Y<b>ou Wow Even I could have come up with that

The truth is, the I LOVE YOU sign language sign is often called the ILY sign for this reason. It uses the first letters of “I Love You” to create the sign. So…

i love you sign language
This sign

…is NOT to be confused with…

devil horns
<b>THIS<b> sign

Yes, they are similar. But one looks like devil horns, and one uses the first letters of “I Love You.” There’s only so much you can do with one hand!

In conclusion, the American Sign Language I LOVE YOU sign has nothing to do with the devil.


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  1. Folks, Unless you are deaf and use ASL (American Sign Language) to communicate, you cannot legitimately judge the language. People use hand signs for all kinds of things, some are part of a language, some are a code. In spoken languages, there are many foreign words that potentially sound nasty in English, but aren’t. Here is a blatant example: Puss — means “kiss” in Swedish / Puszi — means “kiss” in Hungarian / Pussi — means “bag” in Finnish. Would you tell a Swedish, Hungarian, or Finnish speaking person that they being inappropriate if they use that word? Of course not. In addition, ASL and the “I love you” was NOT developed by Helen Keller. It was taught to her by Anne Sullivan who learned it from Laura Bridgman… and the list goes on. I am not saying there aren’t bad signs and that there aren’t organizations using hand signs for nefarious purposes, there are. But ASL, itself, is a natural, living language that grows and expands, just like English. There will be crossover signs just like there are crossover words/sounds. Hope this helps.

    1. Satan is HIGHLY SMART & so are his demons ! They trick ALL of us DAILY ! A simple search on any satanic website will show you TRUTH !!! And the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE – HOPE YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH – it’s worse than any human could fathom.

  2. I understand about some people are in occult things, but do you think some like Amy Grant or those professing to be a Christian realize what they are doing?

    1. They know what they are doing. YouTube has done alot of work getting rid of the YouTube channels that exposed this type of work during the 2012 through around 2017

  3. i just started this class because im taking this ASL.. in highschool(9th gr.) next year. its working out so far!!

  4. I would say that obviously the person who created this article did not read all the details about Helen Keller it states that she was into the occult you completely bypassed the information about this. Obviously our heavenly father knows what kind of sign is your gesturing to your loved oneseeing, however I do not want to confuse this and anyway with something satanic it’s best to avoid it completely.

    1. The satanic sign was developed years before Helen Keller came on the scene. The two symbols depicted are often used by the satanic movement weather the 1st or the 2nd it is still used to this very day and like I stated it’s best to avoid it completely.

      1. Hmm I guess Satan himself also existed long before ASL too right? So yea there’s your answer !!! There are NO COINCIDENCES in life.

    2. Helen Keller was both blind and deaf, there is no way either she or her nurse would have come up with a language that had to be seen to be understood. The language they used was done by touch. She had nothing to do with this language so it does not matter rather or not she was part of any satanic group or what she believed.

      1. Right… keep thinking that bc she was def & blind she couldn’t have possibly been satanic – how ridiculous of a thought.

      2. Furthermore if a demon / evil spirit can enter a mere child you don’t think it could possibly enter a blind & def person – nope they must be immune 😂. Sorry babes demons don’t discriminate- that’s just us humans.

  5. I actually ended up at the same site u talked about and was horrified. My kids, my husband and I have been doing this for years. None of us are deaf, it is a way to say I love you from far off. Like when they r driving away or whatever. I wa so scared and sad if we had been unknowingly giving the devil some weird recognition. Thank God. Ur post here makes me feel much better. Thank you.

    1. Helen Keller was both blind and deaf, there is no way either she or her nurse would have come up with a language that had to be seen to be understood. The language they used was done by touch. She had nothing to do with this language so it does not matter rather or not she was part of any satanic group or what she believed.

    2. Sarah, I know exactly how you feel! Once you learn about this you can’t unlearn it
      And when you have the Holy Spirit living inside you, you can feel that it is wrong. I make a heart sign over my heart. And point to the person I am gesturing to. God Bless you and your very loving family!!

    3. Sadly I watched the guy who in the 60s or so said this is a Devil sign he went through each way it was over satanist that’s why you didn’t see this sign used until the 70s mostly because it is Infact a sign anyway you do it I wish I could find that interview cause it isn’t an article it’s a video of that satan worshiper saying what he did and showing him doing it in multiple ways. My sister has it tattooed on her she said well it don’t mean that to me and I told her that don’t matter what it means to her that would be like taking another image like the pentagram or upside down cross and saying nah I just like it it don’t mean that to me. We all make mistakes it once we learn of them we need to try our best to not continue to do them.

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