Laurent Clerc

January 18, 2018
Category: Submitted Posts

By: Erin Young (02/14/17)

My favourite person in Deaf history is Laurent Clerc because he was Deaf and he taught Thomas Gallaudet FSL. I think it is very cool of him to be willing to teach a hearing person sign language, and to accompany him to another country to start a school for the Deaf. I think that was very brave of Clerc to leave his home country and culture and embark on this journey to an unknown country and culture with a person he hadn’t known for very long.

I wonder sometimes why they didn’t name the university after Clerc since he was Deaf.

I also think it is neat how Clerc stayed in America after founding what became known as the American School for the Deaf, with Gallaudet. He stayed and taught at this school instead of returning to teach in France as he was doing before Gallaudet came to France. I find this very interesting. Clerc sounds like he was an adventurous person who didn’t mind taking risks for a worthy endeavor.

I admire Laurent Clerc for his adventuresome spirit and his benevolence toward Gallaudet. I also admire his other-centeredness, and willingness to give back to the Deaf community. Even long after his death his memory and legacy lives on in the Deaf community.