Marlee Matlin

March 8, 2013
Category: Submitted Posts

by Becky

(Hamlin, PA)

I pick Marlee Matlin as my favorite deaf person. I wasn’t going to submit an answer to this question, because I didn’t think my reason was very impressive. Back in high school, I loved the show MacGyver. At some point, she dated Richard Dean Anderson. And since ASL has always fascinated me and she was the only deaf actress I knew, she became my favorite.

I have never seen Children of a Lesser God, but I have seen her in other things. I think she is a great actress. She did not limit herself. She wanted to act and that is what she did.

Just recently I saw her in a couple of episodes of Law & Order: SVU, another favorite show of mine. She signed and spoke. I like watching her and trying to understand what she signs.

In fact, I like watching anyone who signs, and I try to understand them. I am getting better at it the more units I cover with your classes. I am also very thankful for the history and background of Deaf Culture. I did have the misconception that ASL was just signs for English words. Now I know that’s not true.

I also found what Marlee had to say interesting in the documentary you suggested watching called Through Deaf Eyes.


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