Matt and Kay Daigle

August 31, 2017
Category: Submitted Posts

By: Karri Kimery (08/18/2016)

As I was reading about people in the deaf community, I came across Matt and Kay Daigle.  These two met in 1993, at Deaf/Hearing touring theater company where they were both cast members.  These two are comedy partners.  While they were at a cartooning convention in Missouri, Kay approached Matt concerning writing a comedy strip called “That Deaf Guy.”  Kay and Matt have been married for sixteen years and has a beautiful son.  Kay and Matt is the perfect match for each other.  They work together to bring awareness to people who don’t understand deaf people.  Deaf people are no different than hearing people.  Conversations are alike in many different categories.  Kay and Matt want people to understand there are no differences, deaf just can’t hear.  The deaf has sense of humor just like any one who is hearing.  These two individuals not only bring awareness to hearing people, but also have a comedian attitude towards others.