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May 15, 2014
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by Alex


O.K., O.K., I admit, Sean Berdy isn’t exactly a historical figure… By any stretch of the imagination. But in 20 years he will be, and I’m going to count that.

Sean Berdy is a deaf man who plays a deaf character on the show Switched at Birth. He was really the first well known deaf person to make it into popular hearing culture. He has become very supported and is not oral in any way, he relies totally on signing and his interpreter.

I think it’s fantastic what he’s doing, he tours the country giving motivational speeches and even speaks at graduations. I think he is really bringing deaf-ness to the main stage, so to speak. He doesn’t bend to fit cultural norms, he does what he wants and seems to love the fact that he is deaf. I have a great amount of respect for him and I hope he continues doing whatever it is that’s working for him. He continues to act, and doesn’t try to say he’s not deaf, he actually stresses the good points of being deaf, and isn’t afraid to talk about deaf culture. I hope more people like Sean Berdy come into the spotlight in the near future.

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Jan 28, 2016

I love Sean berdy

by: Hailey

So Sean berdy u have inspired me to get to know asl better than I do now you are very inspired by me and I love u please please please hurry and get a lot more seasons on Netflix I’m waiting and I really hope I meet you some day thanks
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;-) :-* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

May 30, 2015

i love you

by: Anonymous

sean I love you , you have inspired me to learn ASL your such an inspiration. thank you for being such an amazing person .

Oct 04, 2014


by: Laura F.

Sean CAN speak. He relies on his interpreter in public and in interviews because he says it makes things run much more smoothly. Sean grew up oral. And he is actually quite a chatterbox when off camera. The stereotype you are portraying by saying he relies completely on his interpreter is bogus. And is a common myth that “deaf people can’t speak” which makes me question how much you actually know about the topic.
– I just finished a project on Sean Berdy, you should look up interviews with him. And pay attention to what he says, as HE HIMSELF makes the comment that he is quite the chatterbox off stage.

Aug 19, 2014


by: Anonymous

“He was really the first well known deaf person to make it into popular hearing culture.” I’m pretty sure Marlee Matlin (who plays his Mother on the show btw) was really the first well known deaf person to make it into popular hearing culture. She has been around in movies and TV for over 30 years now. “Her discovery by Henry Winkler during one of her ICODA theater performances ultimately led to her film debut in Children of a Lesser God (1986).[citation needed] That film brought her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama and an Academy Award for Best Actress.” This is, just the beginning of her career. Check her Wiki for the long and incomplete list of things she’s done since this movie. While I don’t dispute Sean’s appeal to today’s teens and the fact that this show has created a resurgence in Deaf Awareness, I’m not sure your statement is entirely correct. I didn’t even know of him until this show. Maybe I missed your reference in that you relate to today’s teens on TV where I’m of an older generation and remember Marlee when she was starting out. In either case, I’m glad both are still active in tv/films and keeping the hearing populous aware of the alternatives.


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