The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf

by Anonymous | 2 January 2021

The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD) is an organization, almost 50 years old, that preserves Canadian Deaf culture and art (in text citation: “Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf.”). This organization targets the preservation of Deaf culture and community while also promoting the use of American Sign Language through its many initiatives. The CCSD was created by Forrest C. Nickerson with the mission of celebrating Deaf culture. They use mediums such as visual arts, literature, performance and many more.

The CCSD has opened their Deaf Culture Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The centre is set in Old Town Toronto, the Distillery District. The site includes a museum exhibit, a gallery and opportunities for advancing research. The Deaf Culture Centre presents workshops and shares information with schools on field trips (“Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf.”). Educating people and showing the beauty of Deaf art to Torontonians and visitors is one of their missions. The centre protects and showcases Deaf culture and heritage.

 Other projects of the CCSD include the following:

The organization has expanded substantially from the 1970’s and now hosts an array of events. The CCSD hosts summer camps for Deaf youth. They aim to provide good Deaf role models for the youth. Exchange programs, awards and grants were examples of their support for Deaf youth in Canada (“Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf.”). Cultivating a positive community of young people is the goal.

A tight-knit community is built with events like these. Recently, the organization has been praised for projects such as ‘Canada’s First Children’s Sign Language Dictionary’. The dictionary helps children learn American Sign Language with animations in an easy-to-access format (“Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf.”).

The CCSD also has Deaf Children’s Festivals. Finding a sense of identity and recognizing self worth is the focus of CCSD’s festivals (“Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf.”). Having these resources and opportunities for the Canadian Deaf youth is fantastic and works to preserve Deaf culture, as well as promote a feeling of community.

The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf brings their positive influence all over Canada with their ‘Deaf Canada Conference’. The event is held in different provinces each time (“Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf.”). There are activities for education, cultural enrichment and fostering a community. Bringing people together from all over the country to make life-long connections is the result.

The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf brings valuable information and resources to all Canadians. They set a new bar of initiation as the organization works to bring new ideas to the table. The CCSD uses new technology to make American Sign Language more accessible and easy to learn for parents and children (“Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf.”). They work to connect the different provinces with a common goal of cultural preservation, empowerment and community. Their events leave an impact on the Deaf community, making life-long connections and cultivating important positive role models for the youth. The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf sets a wonderful example for the rest of the world.


“Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf.” Deaf Culture Centre, 2020 Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, Accessed 31 Dec. 2020.

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