The Pioneer

March 8, 2013
Category: Submitted Posts

by Alex Bryant

(Chicago, IL, USA)

I picked Geronimo Cardano because without him it would not even be possible for anyone else to improve on or even establish ASL. He was the one who decided that it wasn’t necessary for you to be able to hear in order to learn. Just because you have a “disability” does not mean you should not be given the opportunity to educate yourself and expand your mind.

Deaf people could not even own houses! Where were they supposed to live? It’s not like they couldn’t comprehend what was going on around them; they just did not hear the world’s sounds like most did, just as the blind do not see the world as we see it.

It actually shows the ignorance of the world and how “important” society figures can manipulate what is “right/wrong”. It makes no sense how one thinks they have the power to determine who can and cannot educate themselves. Just because it takes time to learn and may be more difficult for you to communicate with them does not mean that you should just cease all efforts.

I am proud to see that someone went against the grain; he took charge and questioned what had never been questioned! Usually people decide that because so-and-so said for thousands of years “this is the way it is” they just accept it. He rebelled and because of HIS efforts we now have learned and accepted the deaf and I think that is a phenomenal thing.


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