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December 21, 2017
Category: Submitted Posts

By: Sue

I’ve been losing my hearing for many many years now and it’s becoming more and more profound as I get older and the tinnitus gets louder and louder. I’ve know since a very young age that my hearing would go and now that day is fast approaching. Reading the Deaf History is fascinating to me.

I think that early on I am intrigued with Thomas Gallaudet. It seems he began this adventure to help out his neighbor which I find very inspirational. And then he became even more interested in helping the deaf to learn to communicate and traveled to Europe to study the techniques of others and even convinced some to travel to America to help set up schools here. It’s really something that his son kept on with this legacy and that school still exists today.

I’ve always been inspired by Helen Keller and how she overcame incredible obstacles. She was an amazing woman.

One thing I must point out – I really hate the term Deaf and Dumb and I even bristle at the term Deaf-Mutes. Deaf people most assuredly aren’t dumb and they can make sounds. These are both false terms and I’m glad to see that they aren’t used much if at all anymore.