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March 23, 2016
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by Anonymous

When it comes to Deaf Culture and its people, how do you pick a favorite. The accomplishments that these people have made have not only changed the community but helped it grow. I could have easily picked America’s inspiration Alice Cogswell. At the age of 9 she met Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. Alice showed promise in her education, Gallaudet along with Laurent Clerc established the first American deaf school where she was the first to be enrolled. This was an amazing step for deaf culture in America. I’m always inspired though by strong women. With that in mind I think of Laura Bridgman, who was not credited but now noted as the first Deaf-Blind person to learn a language. Bridgman was the first to learn manual sign and alphabet. Her lessons and education was later passed on as teaching methods for Helen Keller. One example is the manual alphabet that Anne Sullivan (Helens teacher) learned from Bridgman herself. With this little bit alone its easy to see why choosing one is so hard, and there are so many more out there. But I had to go with someone who story is still in the making.

Sean Berdy was named Mr. Deaf Teen America, is on the hit show Switched at Birth, and is developing his own one man show. This young man already inspiring people that doing what you love is everything. Born Deaf into a deaf family, it was made clear he was born to perform. Starting first performing as a kid for family, later on Berdy will get his big break with the sandlot 2. Following this is a handful of roles in various movies, as well as the hit show Switched at Birth. Berdy also has his own one man show “The Sean Berdy Show”. With his show and being named Mr. Deaf Teen America, Berdy has made appearances across the country. But career isn’t what makes him a favorite. It’s the fact that this is someone present day, influencing others. Examples of this being him speaking at the Gallaudet University this past October. Also with the growth of social media its not hard to caught Berdy and his dog Cabo, just showing that Berdy is no different from any other 20 something out there. I have a strong feeling that though he’s done a lot in his life so far, there’s much more he gonna accomplish.


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