March 8, 2013
Category: Submitted Posts

by Belinda

Well, I really don’t have a favorite person from deaf history. I do love reading about deaf history and all they have gone through. Each story about each person is amazing to me.

I went to a church many years ago where the pastor’s wife taught some beginning ASL classes. ASL is so beautiful that I decided to take the class. The pastor’s family moved and I got busy about the business of life and lost touch with ASL.

Then about the time of my 50th birthday, I came to the conclusion that I was supposed to begin working on ASL again. I’m not sure why, except that I love it. I just feel that it’s something I’m supposed to do. I have a deaf friend that is helpful and hope to take more classes and I love this online class. It is amazing, just what I needed. I believe God gave me the desire to learn and He will show me why when the time is right. Thank you! God bless you.


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