ASL Dictionary – Learn Essential Vocabulary

This ASL dictionary is for you! We have included over 1,000 words and phrases from our Complete 3-Level ASL Course vocabulary lists. This means that if you learn this essential vocabulary from our dictionary, you can start having basic conversations in sign language before you know it! Are you intimidated by massive ASL dictionaries? Then this is the right place to […]

American Sign Language Phrases

Conversational Phrases To see all of the American Sign Language phrases videos we have, click the link below to visit our comprehensive dictionary: Phrases in ASL => American Sign Language Phrase Videos Below is a list of all the phrases we have available to view at the link above: “Beginning and ending a thought” 11 […]

Start ASL’s Top 150 Basic ASL Sign Language Words

Top 150 Videos – Basic ASL Sign Language Words We have compiled a great collection of videos showing the top 150 basic ASL sign language words. These are the words that you should learn first. Learning the signs for these ASL sign language words is a great way to build a basic vocabulary foundation before […]

Sign Language Alphabet | 6 Free Downloads to Learn It Fast

Memorizing the American Sign Language alphabet (also known as the American Manual Alphabet) is the first step when learning American Sign Language and most new sign language students rely on fingerspelling from the ASL alphabet when they don’t know the sign for something. Grammatically, fingerspelling is used in ASL for signing proper nouns (people’s names, […]

I LOVE YOU Sign Language Sign

The Truth Behind the Sign I read something incredibly amusing today about the “I Love You” sign language sign. I read the “article” on a page called Signs of Satan. I am honestly thinking that whoever wrote this did it just for the attention. If that’s the case, I really hate giving them the satisfaction, […]