Children of Deaf Adults

March 8, 2013
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by John W Dudley

(Corpus Christi TX)

Born 1933 on a black land farm near Penelope Texas raised by Deaf Grandparents and grew up with deaf siblings, family and friends. Most of whom attended The State School for the Deaf in Austin Texas.

Who is my favorite – WOW! But one I will always remember will have to be the movie “Johnnie Belinda”. It had such an impact on me and my family. It was a real story of what happens to people who are thought to be retarded, backward or just mentally incompetent. As the years go by it is wonderful to see how kind and generous caring people can be toward one another. Especially if they are basically in the same boat. When we are kind and tender towards one another, blind hate of what cannot seem to be understood becomes an eye-opener and opens the way for love to take care of matters.

Oh the stories they can tell with their flying hands, face and body gestures. They are just so vivid.

John W Dudley


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