Deaf Like Me by Thomas S. Spradley and James P. Spradley with an epilogue by Lynn Spradley

March 8, 2013
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by Rebecca Wenger

(PA, US)

“Deaf kids are just as smart as hearing kids. With sign language, deaf kids can do anything.” Said by Lynn Spradley. While she can say that now, it was a long journey in getting there. Deaf Like Me is written in a story form that sweeps you into the traumatic experience of the Spradley family. Thomas and Louise Spradley are horrified when they discover that their unborn child is at a high risk of birth defects; all because of a deadly illness called German measles. Their suspicions are soon confirmed in little Lynn’s life. She is deaf. Profoundly deaf, even. Their life takes on a trying spin as they struggle to teach their young daughter to lip read and take on the language that they know. Countless hours and tiring efforts are poured into small Lynn. Her parents long more than anything for Lynn to simply be normal. Normal. But what is normal? When they lack the fruit of their investment, they begin to look elsewhere. The answer takes its time in arriving, but it does arrive. It appears in a special language known to many as American Sign Language. It’s their answer. Her language. And a life changing result. This book will help you understand the journey that many hearing parents with deaf children were on at one time, or maybe are on even now.

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