how to sign weather in ASL

How to sign different weather in American Sign Language (ASL)

As a beginner who is learning American Sign Language (ASL), there are many basic ASL signs that you should know, such as the American Sign Language alphabet and weather!

In this video, you’ll learn how different weather in ASL. You’ll also notice that some signs look like the word they’re representing! It is known as “iconic signs.” For example, the ASL sign for “cold,” can be recognized by people who don’t even know basic sign language.

🌞🥵 hot 

Form a 5-clawed handshape with your dominant hand. From your mouth, move and turn it outward and downward. 

💦🥵 humid 

With your both hands, put it in front of you with both palms up. 

With your middle finger and thumb, have them touch each other as you move it down simultaneously with a double movement.

☁️☁️ Cloudy 

With both hands, form 5-clawed handshapes. Put your dominant hand on the top with the palm facing down, and your non-dominant hand with the palm facing up. Both palms are facing toward each other. Move it in a circular motion.

☁️🌞 cool

With both hands, form 5 handshapes and place it hear your face on both sides. Wave your hands about 3 times, like you’re fanning yourself to cool down.

🌧️☔ Rainy 

With both hands, form 5 handshapes and hold your hands up in the air (“the sky”) with both palms facing down. Move it down up simultaneously with double movements. Your fingertips represent the rain or droplets from the sky. 

🌨️❄️ Snowy

With both hands, form 5 handshapes and hold your hands up in the air (“the sky”) with both palms facing down. Slowly wiggle your fingers as you move your hands down simultaneously. It represents the snow from the sky.

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