Kevin Lucas Smire

by David Cooper | October 13, 2016

The deaf person wrote about was Kevin Lucas Smire who was also known as “Deaf Kev.” He was born on October 28, 1996 and is 19 years old. I picked him because I love music so I searched for hours looking for a deaf musician and I found this guy. He is a DJ and was born in Koblenz, Germany. He began pursuing his career in late 2012 and became more popular in early 2013. He remixed a lot of popular songs such as Fade Away by Jacob Tillberg and he even wrote his own songs and put them in a remix.

He was associated with a famous DJ named Robin Shulz who was 47. When he was 19 they both made remix and sometimes worked together to make the coolest kind of Beats and Beat drops. He became deaf on his 3rd birthday. He got really sick and the doctor said that they could choose to make him blind or deaf because the disease spread into his head and brain and they had no choice, but to choose deaf. He has made a track called Invincible which became popular in 2015 and gained 20,000 people in his audience. He now can fit no more than 400,000 people in his stadium, and his concerts are usually always sold out. He is still pursuing his dream in being a DJ to this day.


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