My admiration

March 8, 2013
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by Amanda

(Greenville, SC)

It was not until I read this history lesson that I realized how difficult is must have been growing up deaf. I have been hearing all my life, but I fell in love with a hearing impaired boy in high school. We dated for five years and then married.

I knew my husband had a hard childhood, but I never understood just how hard it was until now. Even though he is not famous, the person I most admire from the deaf community is my husband.

Although he struggled for years in mainstream schools with teachers, parents, and sisters who never learned to sign, he never gave up his dreams and aspirations. He has driven a truck for a living, been a police officer, and now he is studying to be a paramedic.

If it had not been for all those famous people in deaf history, my husband would never have been able to achieve all that he has and will in the future. Our future is bright because a handful of people stood up and paved the way to make all futures brighter for all deaf people and their families. My husband is trying to pay it forward and be the best he can and show the world that nothing will stop him from accomplishing whatever he wants.

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Sep 07, 2011

Deaf Husbands count too

by: Anonymous

Bless you! You and I have a special bond: D/H couples. There aren’t very many of us…especially ones that think we have the best of both worlds married to not only big D deaf guys, but big S (SUPER) ones as well.

Not sure how long you two have been “as one”, but we just past our 47th…seems like the first 10 were forever and the last 37 only a couple of years.

I told him once that God allowed him to be Deaf because I’d make a lousy “1st Lady”. He truly can do anything but hear (plus he has really sexy lips.)

Thanks for making my day


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