Name forgotten but lesson remembered

March 8, 2013
Category: Submitted Posts

by Anonymous

I was surprised to read that President Lincoln played a role in deaf history. This is something that isn’t mentioned in American history. I know most Americans wouldn’t care about legislation allowing college degrees to be issued from a Deaf college. Maybe that is why I find history boring they don’t include interesting facts beyond what would be headline news to the general public.

However, I would have to say the person I admire is a student teacher my older sister had in junior high school. I wasn’t in her class but she taught the class how to sign the alphabet. My sister came home and taught it to me and I never forgot it. That was the beginning of my fascination with the beauty of sign language. I never knew the student teachers name but it made a powerful impact on my life. Later in fourth grade I had a teacher that also taught her class to sign the alphabet which I already knew.

Kudos to those teachers who try to expand the minds of mainstream children and expose them to a language that many people don’t recognize worldwide as a true language. Without those teachers I may never have become interested in sign language and about Deaf culture. Many people learn a foreign language because of how it sounds. I wanted to learn because of the dance the whole body does to communicate.


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