Sign Language for Infants

Step 3 – Start Talking

Are you ready to start signing? This is so exciting!

It’s now time to choose the signs you are going to start with. Go ahead and choose a small handful of signs from the vocabulary link below (be sure to include not only need-based signs but sign that will excite your baby as well):

=> Baby Sign Language Vocabulary

An important thing to remember is to say the word while you sign it to your baby. Think of signing as emphasizing your words when you are speaking to your baby. Don’t forget to sign directly before, during, or after an activity!

Things to remember:

  • Be Excited
    Don’t be bored while using sign language for infants with your baby, or she will never be excited about it!
  • Be Different
    Don’t just sign with your baby at home. Sign at the store, at grandma’s, at the doctor’s office, everywhere! Signing with your baby works the best when it becomes part of your life, not just something you do sometimes.
  • Be Praiseful
    Act happy and excited when your baby signs correctly. Make sure she knows how wonderful they are.
  • Be Patient
    It takes some babies weeks or even months to make their first sign. Don’t get discouraged, just keep signing and being consistent. Your baby will get on track.

What Happens Now?

Well, you’ve learned twenty signs already! Great!

You are now able to pick and choose which signs you will use based on what your baby needs and what excites him or her.

By this point, maybe you have started signing with your baby and are realizing how easy it really is.

In the next steps, I will cover more advanced topics like what you should do about your baby signing when he is away from you as well as give you a lot more words to learn!

Have a Baby Sign Language Success Story?

If you have had success with baby sign language, please share your experience! So many parents are unaware of the true success of signing with your baby.

Share Your Story Here!

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