Hearing Loss or Deafness Gain?

Hearing loss is more like “Deafness Gain” to people who are part of Deaf Culture. The loss of hearing is actually a very small part of being a Deaf person. However, it’s very useful to study the implications of deafness when you’re becoming involved in the Deaf community. Most hearing people only see the lack […]

Ear Anatomy – Tiny Pieces with Big Jobs

Ear anatomy is not as complex as you might think. There are only a few anatomical parts that make hearing possible. However, if there is something wrong with any one of those small pieces, you can lose your hearing completely. The ear is made up of three parts–the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. […]

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

It’s not uncommon to see a dog leading and assisting a blind person. You have probably seen a few of those trained dogs during the course of your life. But have you ever noticed a dog helping a deaf person? Yes, it’s true; dogs can be trained to assist deaf people. These hearing dogs are […]

The Hearing Test and Why Deaf People Hate It

During my studies at California State University, Northridge, I took a class called Issues in the Deaf Community. I remember a comment my Deaf professor made regarding a hearing test. My Issues in the Deaf Community class usually covered issues regarding the oppression of deaf people. This comment about the testing of hearing was no […]

TTY – Deaf People Can Order a Pizza, Too!

Back in the day, deaf people would drive all the way to their friends’ homes to talk to them. Then, the TTY was invented. Back then, it was called a TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf). A teletypewriter looks like a word processor. It has a keyboard and a display screen. They actually look pretty […]

Closed Captioning – Deaf Couch Potatoes DO Exist!

Lip-reading is rather unsuccessful (only an average of 20% understanding). Closed captioning, however, takes all the lip-reading out of watching television! You have probably watched television. And you have probably pressed a button on your remote that makes white words with a black background pop up on your screen (either on purpose or by accident). […]

Cochlear Implants – A Cultural Threat

by: Anonymous This article discusses a common Deaf cultural view of cochlear implants. Not everyone shares these views and this article is for educational purposes only. The company’s name used throughout the article has been omitted. A cochlear implant is a new mechanism for hearing when a hearing aid is not sufficient. A hearing aid […]

Deaf Alarm Clock

Many people wonder how deaf people are able to wake up if they can’t hear an alarm. However, with the advent of new technology for the deaf, waking up is no longer a problem for deaf people. So, how do they do it? With what you may call a “deaf alarm clock,” of course!   […]

Deaf Technology – Opening Doors for the Deaf

Opening Doors for the Deaf Deaf people didn’t have many careers choices a few decades ago. They would usually find themselves working in trade jobs, non-profit work, or as teachers at schools for the deaf. But now, only a short time later, many doors have opened not only because of the Americans with Disabilities Act […]

Deaf VP

Deaf Videophone Directory Deaf VP was a Deaf Videophone directory created by Sorenson. Videophones are telephones with a video screen. They enable deaf people to call each other (or a relay service) and use American Sign Language, their first language, to communicate. James38, CC:BY-SA Videophones themselves, however, haven’t become very popular. The reason for this […]