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Ten Fun Ways to Learn American Sign Language (ASL) 

Ten Fun Ways to Learn American Sign Language (ASL)  Besides opening up new possibilities for interacting with the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing (D/HoH) community, choosing to learn American Sign Language (ASL) has many other benefits. For instance, it increases signers’ awareness of their facial expressions and body language, which can be helpful in social interactions. Also, […]

Sioux Falls School Expands American Sign Language Program

Sioux Falls School Expands American Sign Language Program Most US high schools have only recently begun accepting American Sign Language (ASL) as an option for foreign language study. This is true even though the language has been used for decades by Deaf and Hard-of-hearing people across the US and Canada. ASL is a visual way […]

Parents Push for More American Sign Language Education for Deaf Children

Parents Push for More American Sign Language Education for Deaf Children More than 90 percent of D/deaf children in the United States have parents who can hear. Surprisingly, however, most of these parents never make the effort to learn American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with their kids. 75% never use sign language in the […]

9-Month-Old Deaf Baby Signs ‘Milk’ in American Sign Language – Deaf Family Overjoyed

Deaf Family Proud of Nine-Month-Old Deaf Son Who Signed ‘Milk’ Using American Sign Language American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual means of communication. When people use sign language, their brains sort out and interpret linguistic data through their eyes. Hand shape, placement, and hand movement, along with facial expressions and bodily movements, all convey […]

Disney Princess Communicating in American Sign Language Brings Joy to Deaf Child

Disney Princess Brings Joy to Deaf Child by Communicating in American Sign Language Communicating with another person in your own language has a special impact when you’re in an unfamiliar environment. This is especially true for members of the Deaf and Hard of hearing (Deaf/HoH) community. Many may feel isolated because it’s often challenging to […]

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Giving a Shout-Out to ASL Interpreters Will Make You Want to Learn ASL

A great deal of time and energy goes into making the concert-going experience enjoyable and accessible for everyone. Recently, Hyunjin, the lead dancer and rapper for the South Korean boy band Stray Kids, thanked some of the people who make this possible – talented and dedicated ASL interpreters. While Inspiring More People to Learn ASL, Sign language Interpreters Make […]

How ‘Craig of the Creek’ Will Inspire Everyone, Even Kids, to Learn ASL Online

  A famous cartoon on the Cartoon Network recently highlighted the vital importance of Black American Sign Language in our society. It could also inspire many children and adults to learn ASL online. A Children’s Cartoon Series Enlarges the Scope of Its Stories to Become More Inclusive Craig of the Creek is an Emmy, GLAAD, and […]

Sailor’s Birthday Surprise for His Son Will Melt Your Heart and Inspire You to Learn ASL Online

  Here’s a story that will inspire you to learn ASL online — Carlos Lopez of Littleton, Colorado, USA, was about to miss his young son’s birthday for the second year. So, he felt he had to come up with an incredibly unique way to convey his well wishes to the boy on this special […]

Restaurant Servers Learn Sign Language and Sign ‘Happy Birthday’ to a Deaf Boy

Two waitresses at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant learn sign language and sign ‘Happy Birthday’ to a young Deaf Boy Here is a post that might inspire you to learn sign language from a whole new perspective. – Occasionally, people who work in jobs that serve the public go above and beyond the call of duty […]

Strictly Come Dancing Performance Prompts a Surge in Google Searches for “Learn Sign Language”

  Deaf UK TV actor Rose Ayling-Ellis, 2022 winner of the televised British dance contest Strictly Come Dancing, seems to have inspired many people to learn sign language. The actor’s Viennese waltz, performed with professional dancer Giovanni Pernice, introduced Sign Language choreography to the highly successful BBC show. The dance was charged with emotion and […]