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Signing Group with Laptops
Does American Sign Language Have Accents
American Sign Language
Does American Sign Language Have Accents?

American Sign Language has a rich history in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Before Europeans arrived in North America, indigenous peoples created sign languages

Understanding and Learning American Sign Language
American Sign Language
Understanding and Learning American Sign Language

Understanding and Learning American Sign Language What is American Sign Language? Learning American Sign Language is trending now more than ever before. Commonly referred to

Happy First Day of Fall!

  We would like to wish all of our students a very happy first day of fall. Seasonal Quote of the month: As the colors

Learning Sign Language for Babies
About ASL
Help Your Baby Learn Sign Language

Learn Sign Language For Babies Learn sign language basics such as eat, sleep, more, play, milk, etc. These basic signs are called baby signs. Many

Deaf Accessibility
How to be an Ally for the Deaf Community

[av_video src=’’ mobile_image=” attachment=” attachment_size=” format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′ conditional_play=” id=” custom_class=” template_class=” element_template=” one_element_template=” av_uid=’av-6moqpkp’ sc_version=’1.0′] What does it mean to be an Ally? An

Deaf Accessibility
Deaf Schools Versus Mainstream Schools

There are two different major types of schooling for Deaf people. Deaf schools also known as Deaf institutes are specially for Deaf students only. This

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